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Herbalife China

Gala Dinner 2018

Herbalife is a nutrition and wellness label originally from the US that holds multiple chapters worldwide. Its China chapter, Herbalife China, had plans to host a gala dinner in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as a company-wide incentive programme. The event was to host about 700 top achievers from the company.


As the official Sabah-based events company to partner with our counterpart from Kuala Lumpur, we were responsible with providing entertainment, sound, lighting and production support, among others, for the event.


The international event featured local cultural acts arranged by us, including the spectacular Malaysia Truly Asia Opening Act to welcome guests from abroad. Together with our partners, we crafted an event that presented real Sabahan hospitality and gave the audience have a taste of Malaysian culture in all its glorious colour!

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