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unicef borneo marathon 2018

The Borneo International Marathon (BIM) began in 2008 solely as a runners event. Over the years, it morphed into the largest marathon event in Borneo with a record 10,000 participants in its latest 2018 edition. With its popularity, the marathon had also attached itself to a number of well-known sponsors such as UNICEF in 2017 and 2018.


We became involved with the event since its inception in  2015 and Boon Creative Productions’ main task was to create and provide marathon runners a memorable and fun experience through innovative street performances. To fulfill this task, we came up with two main acts: Street Percussions Performance inspired by festivals such as the Mardi Gras; and Cheerleading  that were made up of a combination of vibrant and energetic modern dances performed to chart-topping hits from the 70s to the present. Both groups of entertainers did not only just perform or delivered their music, but went all out to cheer and motivate each and every marathon runner as they watched the runners attempt to give their best in the marathon. It was the first time that BIM had any street performers and after the marathon, we received overwhelming compliments and praises for our performers across social media, while runners posted selfies with performers as well. For the runners, the cheerleaders and drummers were part and parcel of them enjoying the BIM experience!  


The Street Performances were a huge success and by 2017, BIM Organizers requested for more unique ideas. We came up with a Sabah Murut Warrior Concept performance which would fit in perfectly with the theme “Borneo” and it would be a great way to welcome foreign participants to Sabah. Our Murut Headhunters would “ambush” runners, jolting them and providing a boost of adrenaline! Once again, this gimmick proved to be a hit with runners. It was fun and engaging, and most of all added more cheer and liveliness to the marathon. The short bursts of positive interaction with our Murut Headhunters really lifted the mood for them and gave them the much needed motivation to go further!


Additionally, we expanded our job scope with the marathon committee—from 2016 onwards, we began coordinating the prize presentation portion of the event and we became a Co-Sponsor for the Sound System at the stadium. In our third year with BIM, we had graduated from providing/ coordinating road performers to coordinating all aspects of the marathon from road to stadium.

We are proud to have a continued and lasting relationship with the BIM committee! Since our involvement, every year had been a learning opportunity for us to improve our work, as well as challenge our capabilities as a team.

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