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Kinabalu Shell Press Awards 25th Jubilee Celebration

1930s Vintage Glam theme

17th November 2017 at Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour


We had the utmost privilege to be able to partner with PR consultants DB Rox to plan and execute the Kinabalu Shell Press Awards 2017, which is an annual event organised by Shell Sabah to celebrate outstanding achievements within the media and press community of Sabah and Labuan.


As part of the planning committee, we were responsible for designing and producing the theme of the 400-pax event. We decided on a 1930s Vintage Glam theme that we think would truly highlight the event’s glamour and prestige. We were very much inspired by The Great Gatsby, swing dancing and vintage cars to set the tone and ambience.

For the entertainment portion of the event, we spent two months researching and drawing inspiration from movies such as Chicago and Burlesque to produce our Customised Opening Dance. But to really elevate the opening act, we knew it had to be more than just Swing and Charleston dances. We wanted the audience to feel strong bursting passion from our dancers, as well as our energy from the opening. Eventually we fused Michael Jackson-inspired moves and Charlie Chaplin vibes into the performance to give it depth and true character.


The awards ceremony was a banging success through our collaboration with DB Rox, as well as the support from a total of nine event personnel; five video content operators, 20 sound, lighting and LED technicians! We could not have done it without the awesome teamwork and cooperation from our clients and everyone involved.


Services provided:

  • Event concept, planning and execution

  • Customised Opening Act

  • On-site floor management

  • Screen Content

  • Opening Video and Backdrop

  • Sound, lighting and LED screen

  • Tablescapes, decor and theme coordination

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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