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Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia-Pacific Gala Dinner 2010

We all know that trips abroad are the ultimate way for companies to reward their staff. And what better way to bond with colleagues than to enjoy a vacation together after all that hard work? Plus, the icing on top of this sweet holiday? A festive Gala Dinner for all to party and mingle.


Wyndham Vacation Resorts of Australia had outlined the above plan to us when they approached us to design and execute the Gala Dinner for around 80 staff and members of the group. With a goal to keep things sophisticated, they chose a “Black & White” theme for their party. It may sound simple, but our plan was to really execute something bold and dynamic as Black & White are after all dramatic colours.


The client had consulted us for ideas for an evening that would be absolutely stunning, and at the same time engaging, fun and interactive. We came up with unique ideas from Opening to Closing acts and carefully handpicked Entertainers that we knew would suit the tastes of this audience.


By the end of the event, our client came back to us saying that they absolutely loved our Opening Act that fused Malaysian culture and Western elements. With our Opening, guests were welcomed by the powerful drum beats of our Kompang group followed by an energetic Contemporary Tribal Dance by performers clad in stunning gold and red outfits moving to be beat of electronic and drum fusion music.


Additionally, what really made our Black & White party unique was our Customised Mobile Characters that would replace your typical cocktail servers. We were inspired by classic masquerade balls when designing the costumed characters, whom are to rove around the venue serving hors d'oeuvres and drinks. They were unique and definitely added a touch of mystery and allure to the event!


As for musical entertainment, guests enjoyed the awesome stylings of a local 5-piece jazz band led by the award-winning, finger-style acoustic guitarist Roger Wang. As the night progressed, awards were presented to distinguished staff members and the like. Boon Creative Productions was also involved with awards presentation portion of the event. From theming, decor, entertainment to programme, we had coordinated each part of the event to ensure that the event would flow seamlessly and smoothly.


The night ended with our live band and lots of dancing! We truly felt like we could not have done any better when some  guests remarked that it was the best gala dinner that they’ve ever had. It was such a joy for us to deliver this customised event and to have our client and their guests have a wonderful time really made our job that much sweeter.


Services provided:

  • Event & Entertainment Design

  • Programme Planning

  • Collaboration with Event Venue on Theming & Decor

  • Special Mobile Characters during Cocktail

  • Special Custom-Made Opening Concept

  • Sound, Lighting & AV  

  • On-Site Event Management & Execution

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